College Is Stupid

College is stupid because what is the point in going and graduating with a degree? Why should anyone go to school for an additional 2-8 years and pay tens of thousands of dollars (at a minimum) to do it? It’s a scam, like so many institutions and groups in America. It was intended to benefit white males and it still does.

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

2 Timothy 2:15

If you’re a woman of color, it’s really not benefitting you in the way it should, seeing how we’re the most educated group in America. If you graduate from college, good luck getting an interview. If they hire you, you’ll have to jump through hoops to get to the top. Your best bet is to start your own business. There’s no place for a black woman in a white man’s workplace.


College doesn’t guarantee jobs anymore. It used to be that a college degree would garner you a high-ranking job in a corporation skipping many levels and line you up to be the boss of your underlings and set you up on the fast track to success and riches.

Today, you’ll see a lot of degreed people doing gig work like Uber Eats or Lyft. The average college graduate goes to college expecting to graduate with a six-figure income. They make an average of $55,000.

College Is Stupid - Salary Projections For College Graduates 2022 - Woe Is Gie
College Is Stupid – Salary Projections For College Graduates 2022 – Woe Is Gie

Blue collar, gigs, sports, entertainment, and social media jobs are some of the highest-paying opportunities in America and none of them require a degree. Some of them don’t even have an age restriction. There are toddlers making six figures on social media. Crazy! These jobs don’t produce the smartest people and that’s another point. America doesn’t reward intelligence. I’ve always said that and here’s more proof.

College Is Stupid Most In Demand Degrees - Woe Is Gie
College Is Stupid Most In Demand Degrees – Woe Is Gie

There are jobs that require college degrees that don’t really require education. They have required people to waste time and money on college degrees for jobs that have low wages and skill requirements. Most jobs that require college degrees make you learn and train on the job anyway. What’s the point of requiring the degree?

Educated Fools

I’ve met many a college-educated person and have always been underwhelmed. I’ve questioned the validity and truthfulness of their college degrees and college degrees overall. I’m mainly talking about bachelor’s degrees. Higher degrees usually produce smarter people, in my experience, but you rarely meet those people because they’re studying or doing something important. Most times I’ve met people with advanced degrees, they were in a position of service like the medical field.

I was told getting into college was hard and getting a degree was harder. What I know is that college seems to be easier than high school. You can go to class or don’t. They don’t take roll. You can stay the entire session or leave early. Nobody is going to make you do anything. It’s already very less restrictive.

It’s easy to cheat. There are so many students (sometimes hundreds in one class), one professor can’t possibly keep track of what each one is doing. You can copy or someone else can show up and take the exam for you. You can also just record the lectures and listen later. Sometimes you can buy notes or the exam. College seems like something invented for the lazy and undisciplined already.

Can you solve an actual real-world problem or just memorize things?

The least useful person I ever hired was a college graduate. She says she graduated from college but she couldn’t do anything for my startup. Her biggest skill was typing and who needs a typist? She had a degree in humanities of some sort. I have a theory about people with certain degrees. A lot of people choose easy degrees to avoid math requirements. She only “talked smart”, she couldn’t produce any results of use to me or my business. Critical thinking is so undervalued in America.

Stupid Degrees

I’ve met people who take courses on the history of something like Aztec studies or Asian studies and then wonder why they can’t get a job that will reward them financially. The fact that I run across these people in everyday life, says that they chose the wrong major. If you had a sought-after high-paying degree, you’d be doing well in a nice suburb or shore property. Anyway, these people wasted time and money and have a useless degree. Although, they could work as a teacher, they don’t ever want to.

College Is Stupid - Worst College Majors - Woe Is Gie
College Is Stupid – Worst College Majors – Woe Is Gie

You can get a degree by merely showing up. By way of showing up, you’re bound to retain some information and pass the midterm or final exam. You could have failed or not even bothered to complete the homework assignments and still pass.

A “D” is a passing grade. That’s all I have to say.


Tuition is more expensive than the jobs you receive after graduating. It’s actually a loss if you waste four years of studying instead of entering the job market immediately after high school.

The rates have risen over the years for no evident reason, beyond greed. I could see if they’re teaching new opportunistic endeavors or hiring more skilled professors, but that isn’t happening.

College Is Stupid - Average Annual Tuition and Fees at Public 4 Year Institutions - Woe Is Gie
College Is Stupid – Average Annual Tuition and Fees at Public 4 Year Institutions – Woe Is Gie

Most college graduates I’ve met have huge debt in the form of college loans and can’t or won’t ever pay them off. They either feel slighted for the return they received for their degree or either they can’t good enough employment to repay the loans.


This is the best and only real reason to go to college. Who comprises the best and most esteemed networks? You guessed. White males. White families have generations who have gone to college and for some, it’s just ego. Carry on the family name. The institution has their kid’s family name on a building. The dean partners up with them on golf courses. Ive leagues have the most extensive and influential alumni network. Of course, there are bribes and cheating. The American way.

When covid shut down college campuses, people realized that “the education” wasn’t that important. They craved the networking of mixing in with the other students. This wasn’t available.

The clubs and extracurricular activities are the true experience of college. It’s like going to high school and spending the night with your best friends without your parents policing and interfering.

Ivy League Universities

Speaking of networking, the most prestigious networks exist at ivy league universities. Historical prestige. Old money and old boy’s clubs. They attract the best and brightest and have extremely low acceptance rates which make them highly competitive. High grades and/or money aren’t enough to get you into these schools.

They have the best of the best when it comes to cutting-edge research and technologies because they have large endowments. They can also offer generous rewards in the form of financial because of these endowments.

They are renowned worldwide and can open doors for their graduates all over the world. Students at Ivy League schools have access to a wide range of academic, extracurricular, and professional opportunities.


Education and success are biased in America is the main point. Everything you need to know is in a book. The most important book you can read about life is The Bible.

“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”

James 1:5
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