Get Rid Of Your Clutter In Your Office

Get Rid Of Your Clutter In Your Office - Woe Is Gie
Get Rid Of Your Clutter In Your Office - Woe Is Gie
Get Rid Of Your Clutter In Your Office – Woe Is Gie

Get rid of clutter in your office. Either give away unnecessary items, sell them, or throw them in the trash. How do you know if you need to declutter? You may not think you do but you probably should anyway. Look around and ask yourself if you use everything around you repeatedly and often. Even if you don’t need to declutter, you could probably stand to do some upgrades or modernizing.

The Dilemma

I own my own business and work from home. I’m a serial entrepreneur so I’ve started many businesses and constantly changed the business models of some of my companies. One of my businesses focuses on design so I’ve collected a lot of supplies. I experimented with a lot of new ideas and tried to keep up with trends on an ongoing basis. I was also coming up with new ideas to build on what I was doing or trying things out in a new way. As a business person, you always want to be improving and optimizing whatever it is you do. Others tend to steal or copy which puts stress on your business and its ability to remain competitive and make money.

I recently changed my business model again in order to reduce physical pain and stress on my body, so I had to get rid of a lot of things. I asked myself if I would ever offer former designs and decided that if I wouldn’t, I should move on from the supplies attached to those designs. The world has changed as a whole and some things aren’t consumed the way they used to. Likewise, I’ve changed and no longer wish to model designs that I don’t find fun or exciting anymore. Ultimately, I could use the space and found no need to house those supplies.

The Decision

I didn’t wake up and decide to rid my office of art supplies on a whim. I thought deeply about each design, to which specific supplies were needed, and couldn’t envision myself ever doing those said designs anytime in the near future. Even if I somehow decide to revisit them, I could just purchase the supplies at that time. In the meantime, I need to de-clutter.

It was physically and emotionally hard to get rid of my things. I had emotional attachments to everything. Every item had a story. Some items reminded me of specific times in my life and specific designs I created for specific reasons. Other designs reminded me of specific stages in my businesses. Some supplies reminded me of how I never gave up, or tried something new, or how far along I had come with specific skills and techniques.

The Strategy

I asked myself one question once I decided I need to declutter. I asked myself if I ever wanted to use those supplies again. If not, gone. I asked myself if I had used those items within the last year or planned to use them in the current year. If not, gone. This question was very important. If I hadn’t used it within the last year, how important could it really be to my business? It was out of sight and out of my mind for at least a year so maybe I could stand to lose it forever. I had to risk it for the sake of my health. My well-being is highly important.

I don’t like having a lot of things but I tend to have a lot of things because I’m constantly creating and envisioning things. I’m always testing and trying out new things. Although, these days, I’m focusing more on just improving on what I do as opposed to adding new things. I can expand my offerings greatly within the realm of the supplies and mediums I already use.

How To Dispose Of Unneeded Items

Go through all of your items. Survey your storage areas and look around your shelves and desk. Check each and every item you have and decide if you absolutely need those items. You’re bound to find something you never use or hardly ever use.

Organize Things Into Categories

For the things you need on a daily basis, do nothing. Maybe straighten them or clean them at the most.

Gather everything else and prepare to let those items go. Where should you send them? Do you know of anyone else who could use them? Yes? Give them away. The other person(s) will be thrilled to get them.

Are you looking to gain financially? Sell them. Try LetGo, OfferUp, eBay, or something similar that’s popular to get rid of your things quickly. You could probably do a yard sale if you have enough items and can find the time.

If you don’t want the hassle of dealing with platforms and people, put everything in a box and sit it outside near the curb anonymously for someone else to pick up.

Why Getting Rid Of Clutter In Your Office Matters

Decluttering promotes productivity and improvement in your mental health. Clutter makes it hard to find what you need. When you know where things are and are placed properly, you focus better. A focused mind is a productive mind. Work smarter, not harder as the old adage says.


  • Make a decision to declutter and get organized
  • Survey everything sitting around, stored somewhere, or laying off to the side
  • Decide the best way to rid yourself of the item(s)
  • Organize everything into sections or piles and get busy ridding yourself of them

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