I Am Thankful For Good Health

I Am Thankful For Good Health - Woe Is GIe
I Am Thankful For Good Health – Woe Is GIe

I am thankful for good health. I am thankful to GOD for the resources I have to instill and maintain good health.

I am vigorous. I’m not free from bodily or mental disease. I have minor lagging ailments and I suffer from depression and ADHD. I receive ongoing treatment and thrive despite my circumstances and inabilities.

Good Exercise

All my limbs work great. My muscles and joints work great. I can get up and walk around at will. I can run fast, dance, and exercise. I am not missing any limbs nor do I have any pains or stiffness in any of my joints or limbs.

I can walk around the block, at the park, or hike a trail. I can run on the beach, swim, or attend a gym. My options are numerous within my area and driving distance. The weather is mostly great so exercising outside is usually pleasurable and delightful.

I have good music I love to listen to and I am a talented dancer. My workout is my hobby. I actually don’t like doing exercises or running. Dancing is a great substitution for me. I used to go dancing several times a week before the pandemic. As things are today, I can still partake in dancing while saving tons of money on clothes, food, parking, and entry fees. Thank you GOD.

Good Food

I eat fresh and healthy foods that are always at my disposal and within my reach. I have good restaurants, organic grocery chains, and the ability to shop in person or get food delivery on demand. I have the financial ability to pay for anything I desire and my residence is located in a robust area in a big city so delivery concerns are never a problem. I don’t miss meals. I don’t eat spoiled food or food that is not suitable for consumption. I don’t have to beg for meals or search for disposed foods left behind by others. I don’t have to share meals or eat off other’s plates.

My diet can be as healthy as I allow it to be. I have access to clean water and vast amounts of bottled water. I can run my tap for a small bit and drink it or purchase bottled water. I can eat based on my needs to satisfy nutritional requirements. I don’t have to eat whatever someone makes or tells me to eat. Thank You GOD.

Good Medical Care

I have medical benefits and receive regular checkups. I also receive follow-up advice and/or medication if my body is lacking or requires medical attention based on the results of my routine checkups. I don’t have to suffer with pains and injuries being left untreated. I can get immediate relief via a phone call or short drive away. I can also request an ambulance to come pick me up to receive emergency medical treatment. I don’t have to incur expenses for my medical treatment. Thank You GOD.

I have numerous options when it comes to finding physicians. I can select professionals based on a number of criteria including specialty, gender, language, vicinity, and even reviews. I am not forced to go to one singular building and wait in a big room filled with other patients for the opportunity that I might get treatment on that day. I don’t have to wait in line outside a building to be seen by a healthcare professional. Thank You GOD.

Good Sleep

I sleep comfortably I need assistance in falling asleep because of my ADHD. I have a number of options when it comes to medication or herbs to take at my disposal. If the herbs or syrups don’t work, I can get maximum strength medication to put me to sleep at any given moment.

I have a computer or smart nearby if I decide to play lullabies, nature sounds, or listen to an audiobook. I have a warm and safe shelter to reside in. I can regulate the temperature in my room if I get uncomfortable. I have thick fluffy pillows and blankets to cover and make I am not squatting in an abandoned building, sleeping on someone’s couch, or walking the streets trying to find a spot to rest. I am not sitting in emergency rooms, hotel lobbies, train stations, etc nodding off. I am sheltered from noise, pollution, and weather.

I receive uninterrupted sleep. I don’t have to wake up at any certain time. No one is going to tell me I need to leave my sleeping area for any reason. I don’t have to worry about whether or not my sleeping area is temporary. No one is going to require their couch or bed when I am ready to sleep. No one is going to move anything I have setup to another area. I can rest easy knowing my bedding area will remain intact.

Controlling My Sleep

I can relax and plan my sleep routine at my pace and set up my surroundings to help encourage good sleep. I can decorate my room with plants, candles, or air purifiers. I am not limited by an inability to find or purchase any items I desire that may enhance my sleep. Thank You GOD.

I can test various methods over time at my own pace. I can customize my experience to my liking and desirability. I can try things without disturbing anyone else, whether my methods make noise or use lighting.

I don’t have to sleep through noise pollution. No one is arguing, yelling, or playing loud devices during my sleeping hours. I don’t have to worry about strange people entering and leaving continuously at all hours of the night. I get the sleep I want. Thank You GOD.

Good Vitamins

I can use research the needs of a woman my age and find what I need in regard to nutrients and vitamins. I can attain those supplements or vitamins at any given time. I can use an app to track my needs and usage. I can get my levels tested at my doctor and receive free prescription vitamins to maintain good health or address areas I’m lacking.

I can add supplements to my meal in powder form, take pills, or eat gummies. I can take supplements directly or indirectly with those options.

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