I Met A Professional Hobosexual

I Met A Professional Hobosexual - Woe Is Gie
I Met A Professional Hobosexual - Woe Is Gie
I Met A Professional Hobosexual – Woe Is Gie

I met a professional hobosexual before I even knew what one was years ago. I just thought he was a sex addict and a horrible deadbeat dad. He was nice looking for a man his age. I can’t remember if he said he had done modeling work. He had no job, no car, no place, and somewhere between 6-9 kids. I just remember it being too many. I think all of them were from different women. He was so absurd.

“The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery;” – Galatians 5:19

What Is A Hobosexual?

a person of the opposite sex who come to visit you and wants to stay and live with you and start a relationship because they are homeless.

Urban Dictionary

We hit it off great. That’s not unusual. Most people give great first impressions. He needed something from me, so he was extra cool.

He didn’t live near me, but I met him when I was going out of my way to get some ice cream. It was a specific seasonal flavor, and every local 32 Flavors was sold out. I really loved this flavor. So, on my way home, I stopped by to say hi. We talked a little and I left. I asked all of the important questions, and basically, he failed them all.

I think he called me when I got home. I guess we planned to go out soon after that. I found he didn’t have a car at this time. I asked about his living situation and he said he lived with a man from his church. Apparently, there were several people from church living with this man. He was the only one who didn’t have his own room. He slept on that man’s floor.

He offered to drop by and visit. I didn’t pick him up. He rode a bicycle from his house, well he rode the bike to and from bus stops. I let him stay the night. He left the next day. While he was gone, I noticed he left a couple of things at my place. I remember a pair of socks and definitely a backpack. I asked him why he left things and he said he would come pick them up. He never did answer why he left them there in the first place.

He helped me out with my business and wired my tv to do something. I can’t remember right now because it was insignificant. He was visiting here and there and staying the night. I would get tired of him and smothered if he was around more than a couple of days.

Getting To Know The Hobosexual

I would ask him more about his situation. He eventually admitted he had several children because he didn’t use protection and a lot of those kids came from one-night stands. He would pressure women into sex and then be on to the next. He said he had a vasectomy, but I didn’t fully believe him. I didn’t want to do anything with him because I didn’t believe him and I didn’t want to catch anything from him even he was fixed. He tried to pressure me and gaslight me over and over. At the same time, he said he didn’t like protection and wouldn’t use it anyway. He was in and out of jail, laying down with any and every woman, and never visited the doctor. I was disgusted. I was so turned off by him. I also couldn’t respect the fact that he was so cavalier about abandoning his many kids. I resented him for saddling those women with those kids. I don’t know why he stuck around knowing he would get nothing physically from me. He probably noticed how well I was doing in business and was playing the long game. Slowly drain me for my funds. He never outright asked me for money, but i always treated him to meals. I would treat anyone around me to a meal if they’re low on money. He wasn’t special. I like to help people in need, not subsidize beggars.

His Life Was In Shambles

He didn’t have a car because he didn’t have a driver’s license. He couldn’t have afforded a car either way. His license was suspended for not paying child support. He had been in and out of jail for non-payment of child support as well.

He didn’t have a legit job because he didn’t want his checks garnered. I was beginning to understand what type of person I was dealing with. He said he was about to enroll in some type of program where he would learn how to be an electrician and receive good money. I didn’t know how jail programs worked, but it sounded like a good opportunity. I was happy for him. I waited and watched a week and he never attended anything. I can’t remember if he was dragging his feet or didn’t want his money garnered.

He didn’t look hungry or unkept. I asked him how he floated himself. He said he got a check that was mailed to the man’s house where he was staying. He ended up asking me to have the checks mailed to my office. I told him he didn’t need my permission. Lot of individuals received mail at that building even if they no longer occupied an office there. The mail was placed on a table in the lobby and people just sorted out what was theirs. He objected to that. I asked why he included me. It turned out the check was in that man’s name and he wanted to put the check in my name. The man would cash the check and take his portion out before turning the money over to him. He tried to get me to feel bad for him being a victim. I probably would’ve felt bad if it was years ago and I was more trusting and helpful. He had already tried a few little questionable things and I didn’t want any parts o myself linked up with him. Besides, I had let someone put a “check” in my name before and I ended up having to pay taxes on that money even though I only received a small fee.

He Started Asking For Favors

He started getting comfortable enough with me to ask for favors. One time, he wanted me to take him to buy another bike. It was an upgrade over the one he currently had. I wasn’t going to be anyone’s driver. He tried to gaslight me when the bike ended up being sold because he never showed up to buy it.

He didn’t have a bank account and had to manually pay his bills. He asked me to give him a ride to the phone store to pay his month-to-month bill. There was some type of special of getting a free month if you paid 4 months on-time. Something to that effect. The bill was due that day but I was driving him anywhere. Ha gaslight me about missing out on the promotion because he didn’t pay that month on-time and it was the final month of paying to earn that reward.

On top of getting a piece of check every month, he was dealing drugs part-time. Heonly had one customer left, he claimed. He had also been in and out of jail for drugs. I remember taking him to pick up money from Western Union when I first met him. He was expecting $50 and he needed it to hang out. It seemed like it was the same morning when asked for a ride to the phone store that he needed a ride to buy the bike and now he needed a ride over an hour away to a white part of town. I asked who he knew there and why was he going. He ended up saying his customer was a white woman and he was going to make a drop-off. No, ma’am.

Time To Get Rid Of the Hobosexual

I was living alone and liked the company, but too many things were starting to pile up that made having contact with him impossible. He had gotten on my last nerve. I don’t like people being dependent on my like that. He acted like he couldn’t make a move unless I physically enabled him. He wasn’t my son and I wasn’t in the business of coddling grown black men. I also suspected the cops might be watching and he was going to eventually ask me to do something that got me in trouble with the law. This man had way too much audacity.

He wasn’t the first loser I had met, but he was very thirsty and acted like he was above the law. I remember I was going to wash and he had snuck a couple of his clothes with mine. He was always testing limits. I never caught him stealing anything but he would eat up my food and use my utilities at his leisure. I let some things go because he helped here and there. He rationalized that because he helped with my business and fixed small things here and there, he had contributed and earned his stay.

Hobosexual Pattern Of Hobosexuality

All in all, I knew this man all of two weeks. I grew to become irritated at the thought of looking over at him and seeing his face. I would eventually get very upset and demand that he leave me in peace half the time. He had shown me videos of him with former “girlfriends” who would all have the same reaction except they would yell at the top of their longs and throw things. The women would be going off on him and forcing him out of their homes. Just all kinds of chaos. I felt sorry at first, I was supposed to. For all I know, he wouId show those same videos to every woman he was trying to squat with. He would be silently be sitting still not saying a word while the woman were throwing fits. I thought it was strange that he recorded moments when those women had blown their tops. Who wants to watch that over and over? I think even some called the police on him. He did have a bad temper but never had footage of that. He did tell me what he did physically to some women.

I learned he had a habit of choosing single black mothers to prey upon. They were usually fat or not that great looking. I figured out he was targeting them because they always had a roof and food on account of their kids. I think they had deadbeat fathers (like he was) so it wasn’t an issue to move in with them. He just blended in as one of the kids. He was a sad excuse for a man. He agreed that single mothers were easy to get sex from because they had a baby already. I’m not exactly sure why this makes sense but it’s a known stereotype among black males looking for easy sex. This man targeted single mothers and he was thirsty for sex always so I guess it was factual.

Fast forward some years and he still reaches out to me. It might be his pattern of wearing down women to get back in their homes. I would never let this man back around me physically. He called me one time to tell me that he had just beat up a single mother he was staying with and the ambulance was on their way to pick her up. He is obviously suffering from some mental illness. He is just a dangerous black man who refuses to straighten up and do the right thing in life.

He sends texts and sends pics every so often and it’s usually as soon as he gets out of jail or moves in with another random woman. He left the state I met him to evade jail charges and kept getting new charges in the new state. I always ask him why he keeps contacting me since he barely knows me. His only answer is that he thinks we had something special worth trying out. I wholeheartedly disagree. Everything about this man was a fail. He’s looking old and haggard these days. Knowing what I now know about men’s prisons, I suspect bad things about him. If you know, then you know.

He had gotten married and arrested while he was out-of-state and told his wife I had someone I know doing something to him. I can’t recall what it was. It was outrageous. His “wife” would call and send texts telling me to stop contacting him. He lied and got his wife stirred up for no good reason. He was in jail so I couldn’t sort it out. She was threatening me over and over from different phone numbers. He said a man I knew was sending him messages and she wanted me to tell the person to stop. I wasn’t on Facebook nor was I talking to that man at that time. She wouldn’t believe me. I guess he made it seem like I was cheating with him behind her back. When he had finally gotten out and divorced her, I asked why he did all of that and what was it even about. He laughed and said it was a joke. I guess he liked playing games with her. He was yet again displaying unhealthy behavior. There was some issues going on with his parents and childhood, but I could only do so much for a grown able-bodied man. He didn’t want to be responsible and I had a business to run. I wasn’t going to let him drain my time and energy.

He always sends a text out of the blue these days like clockwork so I finally asked him if he were tired of doing things his way and if would he finally seek God. I don’t remember a yes but he did he needed to do that. A short while later I asked how his spiritual journey was going and he basically had declined it. I was done. This was a man who kept calling on me whenever he was in a bind, although I never did anything but listen to him. I would shake my head and remind him he was always up to his old ways. But if he couldn’t get right with God, I couldn’t continue interacting with him. I was growing deeper and closer with God and he would only be a hindrance. I was in the world when I first met him, but i’d never entertain a man like him today.

All in all, I’m glad I nipped his unwanted stay quickly in the beginning. He had a dark side and too much baggage after all. I also can’t respect a man who lives as if he’s the woman in a relationship. I never considered our short time of “dating” a relationship, but maybe he did. He used me as a way to get off that man’s floor and a means of transportation to get errands done.

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