I Met A Professional Hobosexual - Woe Is Gie

I met a professional hobosexual before I even knew what one was years ago. I just thought he was a sex addict and a horrible deadbeat dad. He was nice looking for a man his age. I can’t remember if he said he had done modeling work. He had noContinue Reading

What Percentage Should You Give In A Relationship? - Woe Is Gie

What percentage should you give in a relationship? What percentage of shared responsibility should you give to a healthy thriving relationship? Should you give 50% and the other person gives 50%? Shouldn’t both people share the same level of responsibility so no one gets ripped off? No. Should you giveContinue Reading

Why Are You Single - Woe Is Gie

Why are you single? Why are you single? What’s wrong with you? People love to place external pressure on single people just by their line of questioning as if it was the by-product of something wrong within that person. If you’re not careful, over time, you’ll internalize that messaging. BeingContinue Reading