100 Things Jesus Didn’t Do Or Worry About During His Time On Earth

Things Jesus Didn't Do Or Worry About During His Time On Earth - Woe Is Gie
Things Jesus Didn’t Do Or Worry About During His Time On Earth – Woe Is Gie

100 Things Jesus Didn’t Do Or Worry About During His Time On Earth

What are the things Jesus didn’t do or worry about during His time on Earth? We know by reading The Bible that Jesus came to Earth to deliver man from sin. He lived 30-something years and provided a textbook example of how to navigate life on Earth the correct way.

We don’t know every exact detail of what Jesus did every single day of His life on Earth because it isn’t important to us. He was born. He worked. He taught. He was murdered. He rose from the dead. He knew before He arrived how long He would live and how He was going to die. Personally, I couldn’t have done it. I couldn’t imagine living 30 plus years, knowing I was going to be brutally murdered for people I didn’t know. God truly loves us. We’re so evil and disloyal and He still looked out for us. Amazing. His mercy and grace is everything.

His life was a textbook example of how to live holy, please God by doing His Will, and getting into Heaven. As an aside, there’s no other way we could ever think about getting into Heaven. We’re born into sin and continue to fall from grace on a daily basis. God loves us so much and wants us to be with Him so badly, that He created a cheat code to get into Heaven and it required the ultimate sacrifice of His beloved Son. Through His death, we are given a clean slate of our sins every and anytime we ask for redemption.

  • Making Friends – Jesus wasn’t hanging out and having good times and socializing with a circle of people. He chose His apostles and they were about God’s business only. They didn’t throw parties or have events. They preached The Word of God, period.
  • Having Children – Jesus did not take a wife and never had children.
  • Satan’s Advances – He paid the Devil dust
  • Dwelling – We never heard of Jesus building or owning a home. We do know He had a place to lay His head every night.

Are we supposed to do exactly as Jesus did? Of course not. God chose some people to marry and be fruitful. He has different callings for each individual. There is only one Messiah and He had a specific purpose.

Had He concerned Himself with any of the above, His purpose would’ve been greatly compromised. He would’ve been too worldly. He was called to be in this world, not of this world.

If Jesus had made friends, they would’ve socialized and shared thoughts and opinions. They would’ve experienced shared activities. Man’s thoughts and opinions are not God’s thoughts and opinions and therefore these people would’ve been feeding Jesus things that didn’t matter as far as God and redemption is concerned. They would’ve burdened Him with their problems and wants and veered Jesus away from saving mankind to tend to their personal needs.

What parts should we use as instruction? We should focus on how Jesus moved. How did He thwart Satan? How did He deal with haters i.e. scribes, Pharisees etc.?

The Main Concerns Of Jesus While On Earth

Jesus didn’t…

  1. Marry
  2. Create a mega church
  3. Submit to satan and his many temptations
  4. Acquire a home
  5. Use money
  6. Judge anyone
  7. Gossip
  8. Lie
  9. Collect material possessions
  10. Gamble
  11. Fornicate
  12. Flirt
  13. Exploit others
  14. Slander people
  15. Play games
  16. Insult others
  17. Assault anyone
  18. Take offerings
  19. Force followers to tithe
  20. Guilt anyone
  21. Manipulate others
  22. Give unwanted advice
  23. Steal
  24. Murder anyone
  25. Put others down
  26. Peddle goods
  27. Lay around idle
  28. Argue
  29. Brag
  30. Worship idols
  31. Take credit
  32. Date
  33. Use people
  34. Borrow
  35. Hate
  36. Sow discord
  37. Alienate others
  38. Harbor anger
  39. Make friends
  40. Reject the truth
  41. Reject wisdom
  42. Seek approval from others
  43. Play pranks
  44. Break laws
  45. Tell fortunes
  46. Practice sorcery
  47. Wear women’s clothing
  48. Lack empathy
  49. Lack compassion
  50. Commit cruel acts
  51. Believe satan
  52. Take bribes
  53. Quarrel
  54. Criticize
  55. Deceive others
  56. Steal
  57. Smoke
  58. Serve other gods
  59. Hate
  60. Swear
  61. Blaspheme against the Holy Spirit
  62. Sow discord
  63. Become drunken
  64. Question God
  65. Challenge God
  66. Worship satan
  67. Believe satan
  68. Join forces with satan
  69. Oppose God
  70. Disobey God
  71. Fear satan
  72. Block God’s blessings
  73. Rebel against God
  74. Have kids

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