What Percentage Should You Give In A Relationship?

What Percentage Should You Give In A Relationship? - Woe Is Gie

What percentage should you give in a relationship? What percentage of shared responsibility should you give to a healthy thriving relationship? Should you give 50% and the other person gives 50%? Shouldn’t both people share the same level of responsibility so no one gets ripped off? No. Should you give 51% while the other person gives 49%? Shouldn’t you be willing to do a little more than the other person? Aren’t relationships built on self-sacrifice and generosity? No. The answer is you have to be willing to give 100% while expecting 0% in return from the other party. This goes for friendships and romantic relationships.

Owning 100% Responsibility In A Relationship

You have 100% responsibility for making a shared relationship work. You have to always be willing to give 100% responsibility in making a relationship work in order for that relationship to work, otherwise, a relationship left to chance will always be vulnerable to disaster. We are all self-made men and women but only the successful take credit for it. If you only practice the concept of personal responsibility, you can completely transform your life. Within 2 or 3 years, the changes in your life would be so great, your friends and family would have a hard time remembering the old you.

Personal Responsibility

If you always take 100% responsibility for everything you experience, completely owning all of your choices, and all the ways in which you respond to whatever happens to you, you hold the power. Everything is up to you. You’re always responsible for everything you do, don’t do, or how you respond to whatever is being done to you. You have the unlimited power to control your own destiny.

“For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”

Matthew 12:37

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